The fall

Thy waves on which we float
in the abyss of nonexistence.
We never lived, we never were
yet we understand.

The stardust, the heartbeat
on the peel of grapes,
the coldness of skyfall
that’s what we can’t forget.

Pray, human, you’re going there.
You cannot float, you can’t be spared.
As the wind howls, thick and fair-
you fall into the abyss of nonexistence.

Craving for more you’re soaring up.
To safety, we say.
But the world is upside down and slowly, like breath,
you’re hitting the ground down there.

Piece of glass you hold onto,
shining, but … it’s a catch-!
Dark waves of the other world
and yet again you’ve lost your match.

Now, can you see the light?
It’s surreal, soothing, consuming.
We never lived, we never were,
yet we understand.

Thank you for the attention.


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